Candour Group is a Singapore-based company, currently focused in the emerging Vietnam real estate development market.  

The company’s strength lies in its ability to manage & mitigate risks involved with real estate development such as regulatory approvals, building & construction management and cashflow management.

Our Core Competence

Land Acquisitions

One of the objectives of the company is to build up its land bank In Vietnam Ho Chi Min City

and concurrently to its other projects, the company is constantly on the look-out for good sites to invest and develop.

Market Research

The company has a dedicated team of researchers.  With a strong network of contacts, the company is able to have priority access to the latest property information.

The company also undertakes feasibility studies on each of its proposed development to identify and assess the development’s potential return-on-investment.

Property Management

The company’s vertically integrated business model enables her to manage the entire process of any project;

From site sourcing and initial conception, through to development and marketing / sales, till final handover of the completed project.

Our Core Values




Expect the extraordinary

Opportunistic Partnerships

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